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Disability Gymnastics

Disability Gymnastics involves adapting gymnastics skills to enable people with disabilities to fully access gymnastics at the appropriate level.

Historically people with a learning disability had access to gymnastics through the Special Olympics movement, however in the UK, there was no similar provision for those with physical or sensory disabilities.

As a result, British Gymnastics has established Disability Gymnastics to develop and provide training and competitive opportunities for all disabled people.

Disability Gymnastics is accessible to people with any impairment.

The Disability Gymnastics competitive structure is growing fast and there are now increasing opportunities within the Men's Artistic, Women's Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics programmes for gymnasts with disabilities.

Our vision is for Disability Gymnastics to be integrated in to every mainstream competition where appropriate, from grassroots club competitions right through to British Championships.

For further information about our programme contact us.